Organizing Your Home Office

November 24, 2020 by 2 Comments

Due to the pandemic more people are working from home. Many have had to create the space needed to do their job and I know it hasn’t been easy. I do not live in a super big home, so I actually do not have an extra room dedicated as an office space. But I did make a nice area in the corner of my bedroom, that is comfortable and allows me plenty of space to do my job.

If you’re thinking you’re just not organized enough, I want you to be positive, being organized is a skill set anyone can learn. Not everyone has the “natural gift” of organization, believe me I don’t, but I did learn. I’m not a perfectionist, but I am all about functionality and organization.

I will show you easy ways to get organized and have a properly functioning office space at home.

Why Is Being Organized Important?

The fact that you are here means you are working from home or you just want to get organized. Some don’t realize how important organization really is. Your work space is like a representation of your life. I have noticed when the space I’m working in is clean and organized, I feel like I can be more productive. Just like your whole house, don’t you feel like a load has come off your shoulders when it’s clean and organized. You feel less stressed and you can accomplish some things.

So yes, work space, house chores, dirty dishes, life, they are all intertwined. When one starts to unravel, the whole system can fall apart.

Where Do I Start?

Declutter. Clean. Organize. In that order.


If you have a room that is a dedicated office space, get rid of everything in their you do not use for work. Or put it in a closet out of site. If you have a couch in your office with piles of laundry, keep the laundry out of site. If you have boxes not unpacked, unpack them or stick them, or again, stick them in a closet. You get the point. Declutter. Any unnecessary items around you can be a distraction. Try to create as much space as you can around you.

A cluttered office and desk can equal a cluttered mind.


Once you have cleared your space of all unnecessary items, now the cleaning begins. Dust off your furniture, vacuum, sweep or mop your floor. Get rid of any cobwebs in the corners. If you have a window make it shine, dust off that window seal. Etc.

Once you start working, you don’t want to start dusting in the middle of a project. Talk about being distracted. A Clean place equals a happy and focused face 🙂


This is the fun part. Well I find organizing to be fun. Once you have everything cleared and clean, you may find it fun as well. You don’t have to go out and buy fancy office supplies, unless you just want to. There are some really nice knickknacks out their that make organizing fun and you can even get things from the dollar store.

You can use baskets for your shelf, cups from your kitchen for a pen and pencil holder or even for paper clips. You can even use small bowls to keep things organized. The point is to keep everything from becoming a jumbled mess. For paper, you may want to invest in a little filing box or a small file cabinet. This, of course, depends on your business and how big or small it is.

Almost everything today is done electronically.

In The End Make Sure You’re Comfortable

If you can work on the beach, awesome! unfortunately we don’t all have that luxury. But, If you do not feel good and comfortable in your space, you will not get as much work done as you need. Just make sure you can be as comfortable as possible. Before being at home I worked in an office cubicle, but I made that cubicle my own. I had pictures and decorations that made me feel more relaxed and in turn made me more productive. It was my home away from home.

So try to have a place for everything. If you work with a lot of paper, make sure you have files or even stackable trays on your desk to keep it all in order.

Once you get in the routine of keeping things in a certain organized manner, I can almost guarantee you will be more relaxed, and most importantly, more productive.

What have you done to make your office space functional? please feel free to share. Questions and comments are welcomed.

All the best!


Virtual Boss Mom

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  1. So many great ideas. Thank you!

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