Can anyone be a Virtual Assistant?|REVIEW of FREE MAMA…I didn’t join….

November 13, 2020 by 5 Comments

The Free Mama Review


The Free Mama



1 payment of &1,997 or 4 payments of $547

Owner and Founder:

Lauren Golden

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Product Overview

The Free Mama Movement is all about teaching women how to have a life many have only dreamed about. Lauren teaches more than just how to become a Virtual Assistant, but how to balance work and home life while working from home.

The Free Mama offers a 12-Week program on freelancing and how to make money as a virtual assistant. Her website also list added bonuses and the type of education you will receive like:

  • BONUS 1: The 3 Biggest Freelancing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  • BONUS 2: How To Create Passive Income As A Freelancer
  • BONUS 3: Managing Your House Like the (New) Boss You Are
  • BONUS 4: Prospect to Paid Training Video
  • Free Mama Planning Calendar and Workbook
  • Tax Tracker For Your Home Office
  • Budgeting Worksheet For Work & Home
  • Listing in Matchmaker Directory to increase leads
  • Weekly FB Lives In Private Group On The Topics You Choose
  • Love & Accountability From Other Free Mamas

Lauren also has a ton of free training videos on YouTube, called Free Mama TV. Just type her name in the YouTube search bar and enjoy! I have to be honest, she is very entertaining and you learn a lot. She wants to make sure you are having fun while you are learning. So if you need motivation, watch her videos.

Pros and Cons

Pro: What Lauren offers is legit, the real deal. There is no fluff. She offers free training. Also, the 12-week training is worth so much more than what she charges. There are women out there that started their freelancing VA business and became successful without ever paying a dime. They simply utilized all the free training she offers. The reason I didn’t join is that I simply wanted to go a different route with my business.

Con: Even through the pricing is not bad, it’s still priced high and many women can’t afford it. You kind of need to be working or have the money saved up or even get someone to invest in you. As a business woman I do agree with the pricing, because, like I stated earlier, it’s worth so much more. You man not view this as a con, but some do.

I will say this, the more time and money you invest in your business and yourself, the more serious you will be about it and treat it like a real business. I have always seen that to be the case.

Product Support

Lauren has a few Facebook groups. The one anyone can join is called The Free Mama Movement and you can type #FreeMamaWin and find the private group. There you will get tons of support from other Free Mama’s. You can sign up for her free webinar also, it’s filled with tons of information and training. Click here to join FREE WEBINAR

Who is this for?

Freelancing alone is not for everyone, especially as a Virtual Assistant. This program is for those that have the ability to work hard, be professional and have great communication skills. You must be persistent, passionate and self-disciplined. If you want to become successful in anything, you should possess these qualities.

I have seen those give this product a bad review and 9 times out of 10 they are upset because they were either lazy and didn’t put in the time dedication it takes to start a freelancing business, or they didn’t give themselves enough time. You can’t become successful overnight. It can take 3 months of consistent hard work to get it up and running and up to a year or more to see results. Now that does vary and it depends on the person and how dedicated you are.

My Final Opinion

If you love helping people, and you want to own your own business and work from home. I say go for it! The great thing is that you can find out everything you need to know about The Free Mama before you buy into it. Through her Facebook page and YouTube channel, you will definitely be able to make an informed decision. Also don’t forget she offers a free webinar session that you shouldn’t miss. Whatever goals you have in life, she can definitely motivate you to achieve them. I give The Free Mama at “Thumbs Up!”

I hope you find success. Remember to have fun on your journey to success and as a Virtual Boss Mom I am here for you to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

To Your Success!



5 Replies to “Can anyone be a Virtual Assistant?|REVIEW of FREE MAMA…I didn’t join….”

  1. Mike says:

    The price can seem a bit expensive and intimidating at first for those who are new to the online business world. But like with anything, to make it big, there may need to be a bit of an investment involved whether it is time, money, or effort. I really believe that hard work will truly pay off in the end. I like how the program still has some free things to offer like the training videos on YouTube.

    1. Tiffany says:

      Yes, I agree Mike. I was the same way at first.(regarding the price)Thanks for your comment and stopping by🙂

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