7 Fun and Relaxing Ideas for Busy Mama’s (AT HOME)2020

November 17, 2020 by 11 Comments

OK, mama you need a break! Let’s have some fun! this is your “ME TIME.” A working mom, whether you work in or away from the house, has to have a balance. When we’re starting businesses or working from home for an employer, it’s hard to leave the office. It can be even more hard when your office is in the house.

What can you do since Covid-19 has changed the world drastically. There’s a lot we can’t go out and do anymore. Even so, it’s just not the same.

Here is my list of 5 things to do around the house for your relaxation and/or enjoyment.

Grow A Garden

Creating something with your hands can be both fun and relaxing. If you love the outdoors and want to find creative things to do think about gardening. You can make a vegetable or flower garden. Go to your local gardening center, collect some seeds and pots and start planting. Even in the winter months you can garden inside your home

Indoor gardening kits are available for purchase. These kits can make the process of gardening a lot easier. You can go the traditional way and use garden beds and regular gardening soil inside. You can make a space in your home just for your garden, and you will not need anything real big, but this way may take up more space than an indoor gardening kit.

Take A Painting Class

Art is another creative outlet for those that do not care to be outdoors much. This can help your mind to relax and transport you to another world (figuratively). Art is a great way to express your creative side and get in touch with your feelings. Art can also help to reduce stress. Even if you do not consider yourself very artistic, painting is a valuable pastime. Anything that can help to reduce stress and relax is worth trying.

During this pandemic, however, the best place to take a painting class is YouTube. I know you may think it’s just not the same and you’re right, it’s no Painting with a Twist. But you can make it fun.

I came up with this idea a couple of months ago with one of my best friends. We would all grab a bottle of wine, get us a canvas and easel (or just anything you can find to prop your canvas on) and meet on Zoom. Then the host of the show will be in charge of finding a fun tutorial on a paining everyone would love to do. I find it to be fun with 4-6 people.

Give this a try, it’s so much fun and takes your mind of the laundry or dirty dishes. Go make some art!


Reading has always been fun for me, and relaxing, as long as it’s a novel that doesn’t require me to have to concentrate and think too much. Reading a great novel can allow you to relax and escape reality for an hour or so.

I also find listening to a book can do the same thing. You know how when you were a kid and your mom or dad would read you a story at bed time. It was so nice, you felt safe, warm and cozy. Well, grab a blanket, get you some tea or a glass of wine and unwind with a good book.


You could start writing your first book! or even start writing in a personal journal. I have written several blogs on things I enjoy, which makes writing more fun. I have a goal to one day write a romantic novel, even if it never gets published, that’s one thing I can say I did

If you decide to write in a journal this can be very relaxing for you as well. Writing this way helps you to release all of your concerns, feelings and can give you ideas on what you can change or do in your life. Sometimes I will grab a small glass of wine and just start writing whatever comes in my head. At times, I end up crying and even laughing. The release is therapeutic, give it a try.

Watch A Movie (Alone)

Netflix and Chill! Watching a movie alone during the week day, is the best. Do it during your lunch break, if you’re working from home this is perfect, if your schedule allows for it. Watch a comedy or romantic movie, or put it together and see a romcom. Something that will lift your spirits and have you thinking nothing but good and happy thoughts. You will go back to work feeling good, relaxed and refreshed. If your the kind of person that falls asleep during movies, this may not be a good idea for you, especially if you need to get back to work…just saying! 🙂

Have a Hot Cup of Coffee (or Tea)

I’m talking about during a moment in the day when no one is up but you. Before the chaos hits the fan, you know what I mean. An extra 30 minutes to and hour before everyone wakes up will give you a chance to meditate, relax and reflect on the day ahead. Do a little journal writing. See how this moment can set your mood for this entire day.

Do Nothing

Be A cat hahaha! Doing nothing can be fun. Use do nothing moments to do mindless task. Take a bath, for example. Have you ever taken a bath during the day when no one is at home? with nice soft music? This takes little effort and is sooooo relaxing. This is probably my favorite thing on the list.

I know it’s not that easy nowadays, because most families are home during the day, either working or schooling. But, if you get the rare opportunity, give it a try.

In Conclusion

Everyone has their own idea of what is fun and relaxing. These are some of the things I personally enjoy. The important thing is that you make for yourself “ME TIME.”

What relaxes you? What do you like to do for fun? Please share in the comment section below. I’d love to know.

All the best,



11 Replies to “7 Fun and Relaxing Ideas for Busy Mama’s (AT HOME)2020”

  1. I do all of those 🙂
    Nice article!

    1. Tiffany says:

      Great minds! I’m glad you enjoyed. Thank you! 🙂

    2. Mary says:

      Ok, so I hadn’t thought of the zoom painting class idea. But I’m certainly going to try it. Loved this article!

      1. Tiffany says:

        We have to be so creative now, don’t we? Please let me know how it works out when you give it a try. Have fun! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Ann says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    it has been nice reading your blog. And here are some nice ideas. I would like to start a little garden. I am excited about that.

    I already begun painting. I took some watercolor clases online on Skillshare and it’s so relaxing to mix the watercolors with water. I finished a painting today of a turquoise sea. I am happy about it. With watercolors the learning curve is small.

    1. Tiffany says:

      That’s so awesome Ann. Painting is one of my favorites. Have fun with it! Thanks for stopping, I’m glad you enjoyed!

  3. roprimixz says:

    Hey Tiffany,

    Muchas Gracias for sharing the piece, I enjoyed going through every bit of it. I love this article, Love your idea of Fun things to do. It really is important to take a break from things, turn of your cell phone,  and get that “ME TIME”, especially mothers who got alot on their minds. i personally Play the piano to relax and get my mind off things.

    1. Tiffany says:

      I love that you play the piano, that is one thing I wish I learned. People tell me I can still learn, but we’ll see haha! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. meenaf1 says:

    Thank you for sharing your website. Thank you for the tips and ideas of how to enjoy our journey. Specially me! I am all the time busy on my laptop most of the days and even nights. It is a good idea to have a me time as you mentioned in your article. I think everyone needs it once in a while.

    I love gardening too and liked the idea of gardening indoor too. There are millions of tasks in our brains what we find challenging all the time is how to find that quality time to perform if not all but at least some of it during the day.

    Finally, work and studies never end. The important thing is to remain happy and healthy.

    1. Tiffany says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed. I agree with you, remaining happy and healthy. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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